Eichenbaum Skinner Strategies

Just because a strategy has worked in the past is not a reason to continue doing it.  Eichenbaum Skinner Strategies was born, in part, out of a desire and a need to question old political assumptions and to win elections by focusing on who and what we stand for as Democrats. We view ourselves as storytellers.  Of real, authentic stories.


Delacey Skinner

delacey (at) eskstrategies.com

Delacey Skinner’s expertise lies in developing strategies for hard-to-win campaigns, messages for complex and challenging issues, and creative content that moves target audiences through emotional engagement.

Prior to co-founding Eichenbaum Skinner Strategies, Delacey was a Managing Director at Democratic media firm gmmb, where she served as a lead strategist on a wide range of political and issue advocacy campaigns. During her time at gmmb, Delacey worked on Senator Ron Wyden’s 2016 reelection and with NextGen Climate Action Committee to help secure Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial victory. She led the DSCC’s successful independent expenditures for Heidi Heitkamp and Tim Kaine; and led work for the DCCC IE and the League of Conservation Voters – including their successful 2012 independent expenditures for Jon Tester and Martin Heinrich. Delacey’s other political and issue advocacy clients have included EMILY’s List, Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the National Women’s Law Center.

Before gmmb, Delacey served as Communications Director for Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and for Terry McAuliffe’s 2009 campaign. In 2004, she was Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director for America Coming Together's New Hampshire office, and helped New Hampshire become the only red-to-blue state in the 2004 presidential election.

Delacey leads trainings for Democratic women who want to run for office through Emerge, and her creative work has drawn the attention of the political and issue advertising community, receiving Reed and Pollie Awards and recognition as part of the “Best of the Best” at the 2012 American Association of Political Consultants Conference.


David Eichenbaum

eich (at) eskstrategies.com

David believes that every campaign is an opportunity to learn and to improve over the last time. In an increasingly complicated world it’s helpful to step back and simplify.

In over 15 years as a Democratic media consultant, and prior to that as a campaign manager and press secretary on several U.S. Senate races, David has helped to elect men and women up and down the ballot and all across the country. A few of David’s clients, past and present, include former Governors and now Senators, Tim Kaine (VA) and Joe Manchin (WV); Senators Maria Cantwell (WA) and Chris Murphy (CT); and former Governors Steve Beshear (KY), Mike Beebe (AR) and Pat Quinn (IL).

David served as DNC communications director for President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and, in the 2012 elections, was part of the Priorities USA advertising team that wrote, directed and produced ads in support of President Obama. 

In 2015, he wrote and produced the ads for the successful campaign in the U.S. in favor of the nuclear agreement with Iran and advised on the political, legislative and grassroots strategy for that campaign. David has also worked extensively overseas.

Lately, David has been working with several different technology teams to bring new tools to campaigns in the mobile, social media and content generation spaces.

As a hobby, David moonlights as an actor and has appeared in recent seasons of The Americans and House of Cards.